Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Body for sale

Natasha, a Russian woman, is selling herself on the internet - in the sense that anyone can pimp their company (or themselves) on her near-naked body by buying advertising space on it.

The only areas not for sale are the head, genitals and nipples. The right arm and right thigh seem to be the most populated areas so far.

25-year-old Natasha describes herself as "A very shy blonde girl" who has realised
"that if she won’t do something in her life, all the good things, her desires and wishes will come past her…"

Amongst the advertisers who have already signed up are, Naughty European Girls Live and most bizarrely, a site showing photographs of Thai handcrafted wooden elephants.

Phone sex - the facts.

Phone sex is generally what you graduate to after cybersex and where you discover that the manly sexgod who got you so aroused online is a squeaky-voiced tongue-tied kid who sounds about 14.

And who now has your phone number.

The philosophical cowboy

Here's a tip. If you really want to impress a woman do not, repeat not, post pictures of yourself dressed as a cowboy onto your website.

Fitness trainer Peter Sullivan thought this would be a good way to nudge Lucy Holland, a pretty receptionist into going out with him. So he sent her the link with a note saying: "Before you make a choice, I wanted to give you a chance to check out my website. Tell me what you think. P."

He then and sat back and waited for her reaction to the macho shots, which included him displaying his rippling muscles while wearing a cowboy hat, kickboxing, sitting astride a motorbike and posing with his arm around a glamourous blonde.

The site also had proof that he wasn't just a pretty face, as Peter demonstrated his philosophical side by sharing thoughts like "Unless we have the right teacher in life we will forever crawl within the boundaries delimited by our own ignorance."

Unbelievably, Lucy wasn't impressed and found his efforts "cheesy". She forwarded his website link to a colleague saying: "He just e-mailed me (the blond cringer).". And within days it had multiplied in cyberspace, turning 25-year-old Mr Sullivan into an international figure of fun.

He was forced to remove most of the photographs and bizarre homespun philosophy from his site after it received more than 20,000 visits in one day.

To his credit, Peter didn't go into hiding and, rather endearingly, made several references to wearing "full cowboy regalia" and "keeping my cowboy wardrobe well stocked" on his homepage.

Eventually, the fame became too much and Peter took the site down.