Sunday, September 2, 2007

Bus Stop Knobs

One website which is guaranteed to bring out the sniggering 12-year-old in any man is the one dedicated to bus stop knobs. These are, of course, hastily drawn pictures of penises on bus shelters.

Ged Buckland, who started the site, saw his first bus stop knob in 1969 when he was six. “It was at the bus stop on Southport Road in Bootle, Liverpool”, he remembers fondly. “It was hastily drawn and looked like a cactus. My Mam caught me staring and gave me a clip around the ear”.

Luckily, this didn’t put him off from collecting snaps of the world’s finest bus stop knobs and putting them into an online gallery of what he proudly calls “A feast of phalluses, a plethora of public place peckers”