Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Scary Personals is the home of the most terrifying personal ad photos on the net, or as they put it "Some personal ads are just begging to be made fun of. That's where we come in"

You can't begin to imagine what some of these people were thinking when they chose the photo to put online. The photo that would tell the world why they would be perfect dating material.

Amongst the pictures is one of a twenty-something woman in a plaid flannel jacket, sitting astride a large moose she has just killed. She is smiling, probably secure in the knowledge that any man looking would find her irresistible.

Then there's the man who looks like a young version of Hannibal Lecter with a goatee. He's holding a frightened-looking kitten in one hand, obviously to show how sensitive he is. Instead, you fear for the poor creature's safety.